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Character Editor

Here you can open an existing character info file or create a new one. Follow the instructions below to open Mike (character available on all versions):

Character Sample: .\UFE\Characters\Legacy_Mike\Mike.asset.
(SOURCE VERSION) Inherits from: .\UFE\Scripts\CharacterInfo.cs
(OTHER VERSIONS) Inherits from: .\UFE\Plugins\UFE.dll\CharacterInfo

To create a new character, in the project window click on Create → U.F.E. → Character File.

Set all the major variables a character has as well as their move sets and most importantly, the hitboxes.

Portrail (small): Can be used in your own GUI. You can find an usage example on .\Scripts\UI\Templates\DefaultCharacterSelectionScreen.cs

Name: The name of the character.

Age: Age of this character. This, along with other information can be later displayed in a custom GUI.

Blood Type: The character's blood type (You never know when someone might need blood transfusion).

Gender: The character's gender.

Height: The character's height.

Life Points: How many life points this character has. If you are using percentage as damage to your moves, changing this has no impact on gameplay.

Max Gauge: The maximum amount of gauge (meter) this character can retain.

Portrail (big): Can be used in your own GUI. Code example at .\Scripts\UI\Templates\DefaultCharacterSelectionScreen.cs.

Alternative Color: In case of mirror match, the game will attempt on changing the rendered color of player 2 to this color.

Character Selection Animation: In case of using 3D character layout for the character selection screen, select the animation that triggers when this character is selected.

Death Sound: If defeated, this sound will be played.

Description: Character description.


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