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Global Editor

Here you can open an existing global settings file or create a new one. For this introduction we will use the UFE_Config file that comes with the project, which is targeted to the TrainingRoom scene example provided.

File Location: .\UFE\UFE_Config.asset
(SOURCE VERSION) Inherits from: .\UFE\Scripts\GlobalInfo.cs
(OTHER VERSIONS) Inherits from: .\UFE\Plugins\UFE.dll\GlobalInfo

To create a new config file file for the Global Editor, in the project window click on Create → U.F.E. → Config File.

In the global editor you can set all the general options your fighting game has. From how combos behave to hit effects, everything can be edit here.

Project Name:: The name of your project. Changing this variable has no impact in the example provided.


Deprecated (version 1.5 or lower)

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