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Block Options

Set how combos and deterioration behave in your game.


Block Input: The selected game input for blocking.

Allow Air Block: If enabled, characters can block while in the air.

Ignored Applied Forces: If enabled, the character will not be pushed by the hit.

Note: The air block mechanics in UFE is inspired by the Marvel Vs series.


Parry Input: What input should the player “tap” to be able to parry (or “just block”) a hit.

Parry Timing: The lower the number, the harder it is to parry.

Parry Stun Type:

  • Fixed: Choose the amount of fixed frames the parry animation will run for.
  • Block Stun Percentage: Instead of a fixed value, the parry can be based off the amount of block stun the hit generates.

Highlight When Parry: Should a character flash to a new color when they parry?

Parry Color Mask: If highlight is toggled, the character will flash into this color for a split second when parrying.

Allow Air Parry: Whether or not characters can parry while in the air.

Ignore Applied Forces: If enabled, the character will not be pushed by the hit.

Reset Button Sequence: Removes the character's store button sequence after they parry.

Enable Easy Parry: Make it easier to Parry by allowing a single parry window (Parry Timing) to be used in multiple sequential hits.

Code access:


Code example:

if (UFE.config.player1Character.currentLifePoints < 10){
	UFE.config.blockOptions.parryColor =;

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