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Camera Options

Set the camera's initial positions as well as the zoom and smooth translation. These values can be changed at run-time.

Field of View: Set the camera's initial and default field of view.

Initial Distance: The camera's initial position.

Initial Rotation: The camera's initial and default rotation. NOTE: This is somewhat overridden if Enable LookAt (below) is toggled on.

Movement Speed: How fast will the camera move to follow the action.

Minimum Zoom: How close will the camera get to battle as the characters approach one another.

Maximum Zoom: How far can the camera get to as the characters distance from one another. This also visually determines how far off they can move from one another.

Maximum Players Distance: How far can players move away from one another.

Follow Jumping Character: When toggled, the camera will try to follow the jumping character -or- the one at the highest vertical location on the field.

Enable LookAt: Toggle this to uses Unity's LookAt() function. This means the camera is always looking at the pivot point between the two players (including rotation offset). Movement Speed will not affect the rotation speed of the camera.

Rotation Speed: How fast the camera will rotate towards the action.

Rotation Offset: The default rotation values for the camera when LookAt is enabled.

Code access:


Code example:

void Awake(){
	UFE.config.cameraOptions.initialFieldOfView = 10;

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