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Combo Options

Set how combos and deterioration behave in your game.


Display Mode: Select rather you want the combo counter to be displayed _during_ the combo or at the end of it.

Maximum Hits: The maximum amount of hits allowed in a combo before the character becomes invincible and drops to the ground.

Hit Stun Deterioration: The higher the hits in a combo, the harder it is to connect new hits. Currently, hit stun deterioration works similar to the Guilty Gear series. Soon more options will be added. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

Minimum Hit Stun (frames): Regardless of deterioration, the hit stun will never get lower than this value (in frames).

Damage Deterioration: The higher the hits in a combo, the less damage a hit will cause. For more details about damage scaling/deterioration can be found here.

Minimum Damage: Regardless of deterioration, the damage of each consecutive hit will never go lower than this value.

Max Crumple Hits: How many crumple hits can you have in a single combo before the character drops out.

Air Combos

Air-Juggle Deterioration: The higher the hits, the harder it is to juggle the character back into the air.

Air-Juggle Deterioration Type: Which type of hits count towards Air-Juggle Deterioration. Combo Hits counts all, Air Hits counts only air hits.

Minimum Juggle Force(Y): Regardless of deterioration, consecutive vertical forces applied during hit juggles will never go lower than this value.

Minimum Knock Back Force (X): If a player gets hit in the air with an horizontal force higher than this value, the Knock Back animation is triggered. Set this value to 0 if you don't need this effect.

Air Recovery Type: By default, choose what happens to a character when it gets hit in the air (or launched).

  • Allow Moves: After the hit stun runs out (air recovery), characters can immediately execute any move while still in the air.
  • Cant Move: After the hit stun runs out (air recovery), the character can't move, but will land standing.
  • Dont Recover: The hit stun never runs out. Any hit done in the air (or launcher) knocks down the character (or leaves it in a constant juggle state).

Reset Falling Force On Hit: If enabled, falling characters will have their descending force reset to 0 if they get hit. This allows for easier juggles.

Never Corner Push: If a character is in the corner, attacks that would otherwise push them backwards push the attacker instead.

Fixed Juggle Weight: If toggled, whenever a character enters in juggle stage they get a fixed weight. This is useful if you want every character behaving the same way when they are getting combo'ed.

Juggle Weight: If the above option is enabled, how much weight should the characters be when being juggled.

Code access:


Code example:

void OnHit(MoveInfo move, CharacterInfo hitter){
	if (hitter.currentGaugePoints > 100) UFE.config.comboOptions.neverAirRecover = true;

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