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Debug Options

Allows you to read important live data to help you debug your game.

Preload Info (console): Shows in the console all the GameObjects that were preloaded before the battle starts.

Display Character Debug: Enables the debug mode for characters (spawns 2 text fields near each corner).

Display In Training Mode Only: Enables this to have the debugger info only be displayed when playing on the Training Room.

Player 1/2 Debugger

  • Move Info: Displays the move being played at the moment.
  • Position: Displays the position of the character on screen (Vector3).
  • Life Points: Displays the current life points (as an integer).
  • State: Display the current player state from MoveInfo.PossibleStates (Stand|Crouch|StraightJump|ForwardJump|BackJump|Down)
  • SubState: Displays the current player sub-state from MoveInfo.SubStates (Resting|MovingForward|MovingBack|Blocking|Stunned)
  • Combo Hits: A live feed from the current combo (a tutorial on how to add this to the actual game combo display can be found here).
  • Combo Damage: The current damage being dealt in a combo.
  • Input Held Time: A direct feed on how long each input is being held for.
  • Move Execution (console): Shows the result input after successfully executing a move.
  • [Fuzzy A.I.] Weight List: (Requires Fuzzy A.I.) Shows the movement decision weight made by the A.I. during its gameplay.

Network Info (requires Network addon)

  • Ping: Displays the package query (ping) between the 2 clients over the connection.
  • Frame Delay: Displays the amount of frames between input and execution during a network game (input delay).
  • Current Local Frame: Display the current local frame in relation to network data.
  • Current Network Frame: Display the current network frame in relation to local data.
  • Connection Log (console): Shows all sorts of stats in the console when a connection is attempted.

Start Game Immediately: Skips all menus and go directly to the battle.

Skip Loading Screen: Skips the loading screen before battle (first play may cause asset loading hick-ups).

Player 1/2 Character: In case the option above is enabled, the selected characters that will start the battle.

Player 1/2 CPU Controlled: Select the player(s) that will be CPU controlled.

Play in Training Mode: When toggled, the game will act as if it were in Training Mode.

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