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Hit Effects Options

Define the effects and how each hit type behaves. These hit types can later on be used in your moves.

Hit Effect Group

  • Particle Effect: A prefab with particle effects that is fired when the character gets hit by this hit type.
  • Effect Duration: Time before effect prefab is destroyed.
  • Sound Effect: What sound effect will be played when a move with this hit type hits.
  • Freezing Time: The game will freeze for a very brief moment (in seconds) when a hit connects.
  • Animation Speed (%): When a hit confirms, the animation speed of both characters will be set for this value. By default, this is set to 0 (a complete freeze during the freezing time).
    Example: For a slow motion effect, set this to a value between 1 and 20%.
  • Shake Character On Hit: During the freezing time, the character can shake very slightly giving a more convincing hit effect.
  • Shake Camera On Hit: To make the hit more impacting, you can also set the camera to shake slightly during freezing time.
  • Shake Density: How much shake will be applied to the camera and character during freezing time.

Code access:










Code example:

void OnNewAlert(string alertMsg, CharacterInfo player){
	if (alertMsg == UFE.config.selectedLanguage.fight) {
		UFE.config.hitOptions.crumpleHit.shakeDensity = .1f;

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