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Round Options

Here you can set several different options to how the rounds and end game should behave.

Total Rounds (Best of): The number of rounds a match can have. 3 matches = who ever wins 2 wins the game.

Initial Spawn Position (P1/P2): The initial position in the field where this character will spawn.

New Round Delay (seconds): Delay before new round starts.

End Game Delay (seconds): How long should the game wait until it declares the winner of a game.

Victory Music: The music that will be played once the match is over.

Has Timer: If off, the timer is disabled.

Round Timer (seconds): Round Timer in seconds.

Timer Speed (%): How fast the timer runs (100% = 1 tic per second).

Reset life points: Should the life points of both players reset at the beginning of each round?

Reset positions: Should the position of both players reset to the initial ground position at the beginning of each round?

Allow movement before battle: Should the players be allowed to move before the round start? (example: Marvel vs Capcom series/Killer Instinct)

Slow motion K.O.: Toggles the slow motion when a round ends.

Slow motion K.O. Timer (seconds): Duration of the Slow Mo K.O.

Slow motion Game Speed: How slow is the slow-Mo K.O.

Allow movement after K.O.: Should the character move in between the rounds? (after K.O.)

Inhibit gauge after K.O.: Should the character gain/lose meter after K.O.?

Freeze camera after outro: Freezes the camera so it doesn't return to the original position after the winner's outro animation has played.

Code access:


Code example:

void OnGameBegins(CharacterInfo player1, CharacterInfo player2, StageOptions stage){
	UFE.config.roundOptions.allowMovement = false;

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