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A.I Definitions

Set the AI Definitions for this move. This helps the AI know how best to use this move.

Click the Auto Detect button to let UFE try and detect the type of move. This works well for moves that can be defined by Move Type. Auto Detect usually figures out the correct Attack Definitions, but Move Type may need adjusting for unusual moves.

Move Type: What type this move is. Choose from Neutral, Normal Attack, Forward Launcher, Back Launcher, Dive, Anti-Air, Projectile.

Range/Ideal Distance: Select the best range/distance for this move.

Attack Definitions

NOTE: If this move has no active frames the options below will be disabled.

Hit Type: This move's Hit Type.

Hit Confirm Type: The hit confirm type, either Hit or Throw.

Startup Speed: How fast this move gets to an active frame.

Recovery Speed: How fast this move finishes after an active frame. Basically, how long until it can do another move.

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