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Armor Options

Armor allows moves to resit hits without getting canceled. You can also use this option to emulate and override certain hits as it links to other moves (such as Gouken's counter attack). You can read more about armors and its behavor on SF4 by following this link.

Hit Absorption: The number of hits this move can absorb before being canceled. Leave at 0 for no armor.

Damage Absorption (%): When being hit by a damaging attack, how much of the damage should it nullify.

Override Hit Effect: If enabled, it will replace the default hit effect by the one selected in the panel below this option.

  • Particle Effect: The particle effect that is fired when the character gets hit.
  • Effect Duration: Time before effect prefab is destroyed.
  • Sound Effect: Sound effect that will play during hit.
  • Freezing Time: The game will freeze for a very brief moment (in seconds) when a hit connects.
  • Animation Speed (%): On hit, the animation speed of both characters will be set for this value.
  • Shake Character On Hit: During the freezing time, the character can shake very slightly giving a more convincing hit effect.
  • Shake Camera On Hit: To make the hit more impacting, you can also set the camera to shake slightly during freezing time.
  • Shake Density: How much shake will be applied to the camera and character during freezing time.

Non Affected Body Parts: Allows you to select which part of the body can't resist hits (doesn't have armor). Useful in case you'd like to create your own block system.

Code example:

void OnHit(HitBox strokeHitBox, MoveInfo move, CharacterInfo hitter){
	if (move.armorOptions.hitAbsorption > 0) Debug.Log("This move has armor!");

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