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Chain Moves

Create custom combos and linkers by chaining moves using animation cancel techniques and frame links. This feature is only available in the PRO and SOURCE versions of UFE.

Required Moves

If you are making a custom combo, you may have this move only accessible after the previous hit in a chain was cast. Multiple Required Moves means multiple options for this move to be executed.

Note: A required move link can only happen if the previous move also has a Move Link set to this move.

Example 1: Pressing Button 1 twice can cause the character to swing both the right and left hands to punch. Left Punch can be a move with the requirements of having Right Punch, also with Button 1 as button execution.

Example 2: A move can also be triggered by several different moves. If you have Right Punch and Right Kick as Required Moves, it means that this move can be linked from Right Punch or Right Kick.

Select the moves in which this move can be canceled into.

Frame link: In which frames during this move should the following moves be linkable. If the conditions are met, this move will automatically get canceled in the frame it is in.

Link Conditions:

  • Hit Confirm: The following linked moves can be executed according to the options below.
  • Counter Move: The following linked moves can be executed according to the options below.
  • No Conditions: The following linked moves can be executed as soon as the frame links allow.

(Link Condition: Hit Confirm)
Triggers when the opponent gets hit by this attack.

  • On Strike: If the move strikes the opponent
  • On Block: If the move hits the opponent while they are blocking
  • On Parry: If the move hits the opponent as they parry

(Link Condition: Counter Move)
Triggers when the player gets hit by an opponent as this move is being executed

Counter Move Options:

  • Filter Type: When Move Filter is selected, you can select from a selection of attributes that narrow down what moves will trigger this counter. If Specific Move is selected, this counter will only trigger if in response to the selected move.

  • Hit Strength: If Any Hit Strength is toggled off, this link will only be possible if the attack meets this criteria.
  • Stroke Hit Box: If Any Stroke Hit Box is toggled off, this link will only be possible if the hit strikes this type of hit box.
  • Hit Type: If Any Hit Type is toggled off, this link will only be possible if the attack meets this criteria.
  • Disable Hit Impact: If enabled and all conditions are met, the impact will be ignored by the engine as it never touched any of the hitboxes.

(Link Condition: No Conditions)
If No Condition is set, then this move can link into the following without requiring a Hit Confirm or Counter Move. Useful if you want to have a set string play out, as the player presses a sequence, regardless if the moves are hitting or not.

Linked Moves

If Link Conditions are met, these are the moves this move can link into.

  • Ignore Inputs (Auto Execution): If enabled, the first move on this list will be automatically triggered regardless of the input required.
  • Ignore Player Conditions: If enabled, Player Conditions for the linked move is ignored.
  • Allow Buffer: If enabled, allows use of input buffer for easier linking.
  • Startup Frame: Allows you to set in which frame should the following move(s) start from. Useful for building custom combos such as Killer Instinct auto-doubles.
  • Move(s): The list of linked moves.

Important: A move listed in Linked Moves does not need to have Required Move set to allow the link. Required Move is only needed if you don't want the Linked Move to be possible outside of the specific chain combo.

Note: This is not the only means for a combo. Raw combos can be set by carefully adjusting the frame advantages between moves so the opponent remains in hit stun. This is how most of the BnB combos in the Street Fighter series work.

Video Tutorial

Code example:

void OnMove(MoveInfo move, CharacterInfo player){
	Debug.Log(move.moveName + " linkable moves:");
	foreach(MoveInfo nextMove in move.frameLink.linkableMoves){

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