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Invincible Frames

Some moves may have your character have some invincible body parts or be completely invincible during its start up or even active frames. Set those options here.

Invincible Frames: When during the move the should this character have invincible hit boxes.

Completely Invincible: If enabled, this character will be completely invincible (no hit boxes) in the set duration.

Ignore Body Colliders: If enabled, body colliders as ignored. This allows players to pass through each other. Good for teleporting moves.

Body Parts: If Completely Invincible is toggled off, you can manually select which body part will be invincible during Invincible Frames. This is useful for moves like Zangief's Double Lariat, where his entire lower body is invincible while he can still be hit by air attacks.

Code example:

void OnHit(HitBox strokeHitBox, MoveInfo move, CharacterInfo hitter){
	foreach(InvincibleBodyParts invBodyPart in move.invincibleBodyParts){
		Debug.Log ("Completely Invincible: " + invBodyPart.completelyInvincible);

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