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Particle Effects Options

Create a quick particle effect for visual glare. This has no impact on game play.

Casting Frame: When during the move the particle should be cast.

Particle Effect: The Game Object Prefab containing the desired particle effect.

Sticky: If toggled on, the particle will follow the body part as it emits.

Destroy when move ends: Automatically destroys the particle when the move is completed.

Duration (seconds): How long this particle should last on screen.

Body Part: The body part relative to the character (defined in the hitbox setup) where this particle will appear.

Initial Rotation: The start rotation (relative to the body part) this particle will have when this move plays.

Off Set (relative): The position (relative to the body part) this particle will appear when this move plays.

Note: It's recommended that you set the particle effects set inside your FBX animation instead of using this tool, as it will give you more control.

Code example:

void OnHit(HitBox strokeHitBox, MoveInfo move, CharacterInfo hitter){
	Debug.Log("Total effects:" + move.particleEffects.Length);

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