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Game GUI Options

(Deprecated after 1.6 update. See Global Options -> GUI Options)

Here you can set several in-game GUI options and freely use the information in your own GUI scripts. You can check out the example provided at .\UFE\Scripts\GUIScript.cs (fully commented)

In-Game Message Font: Whenever the game has to announce something (first hit, round 1, combo) it will use this font.

Character Name Font: The font used in the character's name.

Menu Font (Big): Font used for menus.

Menu Font (Small): Font used for menus.

Round Won Marker: Image used for round win marker.

Gauge/Meter: If disabled the game will ignore any gauge/meter calls from the engine.

Life and Gauge Bar Options (Player 1/ Player 2)

Background Image: The background image of this bar.

Fill Image: The fill image of this bar.


  • The preview does not display changes in the X and Y positions of the background image.
  • Fill image position is relative to the background image.
  • Don't worry about setting a different inverted position/scale for player 2. Use the same data. UFE will automatically invert the position/scale.

Code access:


Code example:

FontOptions fontOptions = UFE.GetFont(UFE.config.guiOptions.alertFont);
GameObject guiTextGO = (GameObject)Instantiate(fontOptions.fontPrefab,, Quaternion.identity);
guiTextGO.guiText.text = "Hello World!";

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