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Change Log

Check out all the changes between versions as the project progresses. For upcoming features click here.

Check out the official 1.8.x discussion thread.

Version 1.8.5

  • Updated to Unity 2017.3
  • Fixed Input issues caused by version 1.8.4 *
  • js files removed from project so it complies with the new Unity's guidelines
  • Renamed Gradient.cs so it doesn't conflict with similar third party scripts *
  • All UFE products of updated (Basic, PRO, Source and Bundle)

* Changelog 1.8.4a and 1.8.5 merged for simplicity sake

Version 1.8.4

  • Updated to Unity 2017.2
  • Added support for Rewired (custom input manager)

Version 1.8.3

Version 1.8.2

Version 1.8.1

  • Added support for Control Freak 2
  • Fixed Bluetooth script bridge under UFE Addons\Network Support\ (P2P Network)
  • Added support for stages and stage music to be loaded from the Resource folder (PRO/Source feature)
  • Suggestion: Added Rotate body after KO on Global → Round Options
  • Suggestion: Expanded animation speed on cinematic options to up to 999
  • Suggestion: Added ability to rotate particle effects and projectiles when on the right side

Version 1.8.0

Version 1.7.1

  • Fixed move links on counter moves
  • Added counter move to Robot Kyle (down, back, b1)
  • Fixed desync network bug involving aspect ratio and wall bounce
  • Fixed bug for the pause menu confirm button that would freeze the game
  • Fixed bug caused by projectiles and effects being casted outside UFE.gameEngine
  • Fixed black screen of death when exporting to Android
  • Fixed fade-in screen transition freezing the game on Android
  • Fixed a navigation bug under the Character Selection Screens
  • Fixed an OutOfBoundsException under uncommon circumstances in the Default Character Selection Screen

Version 1.7.0

  • Spotlight
    • Fixed compatibility issues with Unity 5.3
    • New addon available: P2P Network (available for free on UFE Bundle)
    • Added ability to create moves with Wall Bounce (tutorial soon)
    • Added ability to air-recover (tutorial soon)
    • Body Part Visibility System (useful for games that use weapons)
    • New moves added to the templates characters
    • Basic Moves rearranged, new animation options added
    • Added ability to change the animation speed of a move at runtime
    • Suggestion: Added OnBlock() and OnParry() to the event list
    • Fixed: Unity 5.3 compatibility issues involving animation and GUI changes
    • Fixed: rectangle hitbox variations when switching sides
    • Fixed: compatibility issues with Apply Root Motion under Animation
    • Fixed: small issues with execution buffer (Advanced Options)
    • Fixed: Clicking on “Create Global Configuration” from the Global Editor Window creates a character asset instead
    • Fixed: Unblockable hits doesn't work on games using a block button
    • Fixed: Armored moves prevent characters from dieing/knockdown at end of round

Version 1.6.0

Version 1.5.0

  • New A.I. Engines: Random A.I. (included) and Fuzzy A.I. (addon)
  • Projectile options vastly improved
  • Added ability to play multiple/random sound effects on Basic and Special Moves
  • Global Editor -> Combo Options: Corner Counter Force variable replaced with Never Corner Push
  • New variable added to hit: Corner Push
  • New option added to Move Editor -> General: Self Knock Out and Stand Up Options
  • Freeze Animation replaced with Animation Speed (%) to Hit Effect Options
  • Added Rectangle Hurtbox and Hitboxes
  • Possible States greatly enhanced, allowing for distance and jump height specific moves
  • New option under Active Frames: Hit Confirm Type: Hit or Throw
  • Added ability to create Throw/grappling moves
  • New move editor section: Move Editor -> Opponent Override
  • Minor optimizations in the engine time management system (looks smoother)
  • Several minor animation bugs fixed
  • Fixed “obsolete method” warning
  • Code reviewed and adjusted to accommodate future Network features
  • New variable added under Move Editor -> Animation: Root Motion Node (when apply root motion is toggled)
  • New variable added under Global Editor -> Hit Effects: Animation Deceleration Effect
  • Gauge Options moved to its own section
  • Active Frames Rearranged on Move Editor
  • Added Hit Stunned Opponent to Active Frames
  • Minor visual animation glitches fixed
  • Added ability to override Hit Effects on the move's active frames
  • New option added to Move Editor: Text Alert
  • New option added to Chain Moves: Allow Move Buffer
  • Charge Buffer moved to Move Editor -> Input Options
  • Fixed selection bug on StageSelectScript
  • Fixed Parry issues from 1.4.0
  • Added 3d hitbox detection to Global Editor -> Advanced Options (previously a hidden feature)
  • Added option to invert your character rotation or change its mirror configuration on Move Editor
  • Few new options added to Global Editor -> Camera Options
  • Input Viewer
  • New Event: OnInput
  • New option added to Move Editor -> Input: On Button Press
  • Added ability to execute moves while knocked out
  • Fixed a few bugs with charge moves and button sequences, making it a lot smoother
  • Allow move queue options for stand-up states
  • GUI - added round markers
  • New Dropdown menu added to array elements in all the Editors
  • Dropdown options: Move Up, Move To Top, Move Down, Move To Bottom, Remove, Duplicate, Copy and Paste. You can also copy individual elements from file to file with this feature

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed character preview bug caused by an update on Unity 4.5
  • Fixed GUI bug caused when you go to the main menu from the game (in the demo).
  • Added option to disable gauge (power) meter under Global Editor -> Game GUI Options
  • Added option to adjust a confirm button and cancel button in the Input Options
  • Fixed bug on the Cinematic Camera Options when working with multiple camera angles in the same move
  • Fields re-organized on Cinematic Camera Options
  • Pull In Options reviewed with a few bug fixes. 2 new options added: Distance and Force Ground Stand
  • Fixed Control Freak prefab
  • New option added to Active Frames → Damage: Hit doesn't kill (useful for auto combos that can end in dramatic cutscenes)

Version 1.3.0

  • New Character: Robot Kyle (Source Only). His gameplay resemble the Marvel vs Capcom series.
  • 2 Powered By UFE videos added to the build. A full animated version and a short version
  • Added new option to Camera Options: Follow Jumping Players
  • Added new option to Advanced Options: Fixed Update Rate
  • Added support for cInput under Input Options
  • Added support for Control Freak under Input Options
  • Added Mobile port (through Control Freak)
  • Added Ground Friction to Stage Options
  • Moves with axis press as button execution now overrides standard animations
  • Blocking options reviewed, several bugs fixed
  • Hold Button to Block fixed
  • New possible stances added: Block and Hit Stun
  • Initial Ground Position renamed to Initial Spawn Position under Round Options
  • Air moves count fixed
  • New variables added to Block Options: Parry Stun & Ignore Applied Forces
  • New variable added to Combo Options: Fixed Juggle Weight
  • Animation blending bug on Mecanim based characters fixed.
  • New option added to Move EditorArmor Options
  • Chain Moves vastly improved, now allowing for several new conditions
  • Added “Apply Root Motion” to Animation Options under Move Editor. Works similar to Animator.applyRootMotion
  • New Option added to Global Editor: Character Rotation Options
  • Auto Mirror moved from Advanced Options to Character Rotation Options
  • Override Blending Options (similar to the basic moves) added to the Move Editor
  • Added Jump Delay option (how many frames should the character wait before it jumps after you press the button)
  • New basic animation slot: Take Off (to be used in conjunction with Jump Delay)
  • New variable added to combo options: Reset Falling Force On Hit (already on by default on UFE, it allows for easier juggles)
  • New feature: Hitbox Auto Setup. If you use Mixamo Auto-rigger, now you can set the hitboxes with a press of a button.
  • Added new feature: Head Look Control
  • UFE category on the Asset Store changed to Complete Projects > Systems

Important Release Notes:

  • UFE 1.3.0 now comes with Mecanim Control 1.0 and 2.0. Currently, due to a limitation from Unity 4.x, a game cannot be compiled into a build if its using MC2. If you still want to use it, just replace Scripts/MecanimControl.cs with the one from in the same folder.
  • In order to fix an blending issue with Mecanim Control 1.0 I had to use an obsolete method from the Animator library (ForceStateNormalizedTime). So don't worry if you see this message:
Assets/UFE/Scripts/MecanimControl.cs(347,26): warning CS0618: `UnityEngine.Animator.ForceStateNormalizedTime(float)' is obsolete: `ForceStateNormalizedTime is deprecated. Please use Play or CrossFade instead.'

If you still wish to remove the message above, on MecanimControl.cs line 347, replace this:


with this:

animator.Play(currentAnimationData.stateHash, 0, normalizedTime);

Warning: Changing this line may cause glitchy visuals during animation blending.

Version 1.2.0

  • Fixed bug where disabling slow motion K.O. the round wouldn't end
  • Added Ignore Friction to Move Editor -> General
  • Added Timer to Round Options
  • New event added: OnTimer
  • New section added to Global Editor: Counter Hit Options
  • Particle effects is now tagged with the body part instead of transform position
  • 2 new variables added to particle effects options: Sticky and Off Set.
  • Added block animation triggers for hit locations (like get hit high and get hit low)
  • Fixed bug where cinematic camera works only once when both players try to trigger a super move
  • Fixed projectile not stopping during super freeze
  • Fixed bug where angle projectiles go on a different angle when facing left
  • Added option to disable auto-mirror when facing the opposite side under Global Editor -> Advanced Options
  • Added Space between hits to projectiles when they have multiple hits
  • Freeze Animation changed to Animation Speed in the Cinematic Options
  • Added Combo announcer option. You can now set custom announcer audios depending on the amount of hits in a combo
  • Added “overrite hit sound” to the hit options
  • Interpolation Speed renamed to Blending Duration
  • Added option to override individual blending (in and out) for each basic animation
  • Fixed sound output for all “Get Hit” animations.
  • Fixed problem with PRO version not compiling stand alone.

Version 1.1.0

  • Added support for Mecanim Animations
  • New Character with several new moves and animations (Mecanim compatible)
  • Basic Moves list rearranged and divided into groups
  • Added 6 animation options for each blocking animation group
  • Added maximum players distance in the Camera Options
  • Added “snap to current cam position” in Move Editor → Cinematics
  • Fixed the input system so it records axis being held as the first input of a button sequence
  • Fixed bug where holding up after a diagonal jump would keep the character jumping in that direction
  • Fixed bug where holding an axis down after a round end would freeze the character in that animation
  • Fixed bug that sometimes pushes the character all the way to the other side of the screen during corner combos
  • Fixed bug where the defeated player's body goes in “slow-mo” after the game ends
  • Added option to disable counter force applied when hitting a cornered opponent
  • Added camera shake options on bounce
  • Added optional sound on bounce options
  • Replaced term “Corkscrew” with “Knock Back”
  • Option to disable alternative color added (a new alternative for alt color/texture/model will be added soon)
  • Added space between each hit if continuous hit is toggled in the hit options
  • Added Move Queue Type to Global Editor → Advanced Options (documentation soon)
  • Added Op. Gauge Gain on Hit to Move Editor → General
  • Fixed several problems with Cinematic options. Overall improvement of the tool

Version 1.0.2

  • New variable added to Move Editor: Input Leniency 1). In other words, you can now execute simple moves in between move execution.
  • Air Juggle Deterioration: Now it can be based on combo hits or air hits.
  • Fixed “hiccups” when the game starts for the first time.
  • Fixed bug during hitbox edition: offset not being applied.
  • Fixed character editor tool's character viewer. It no longer gets removed if you lose the window focus. Make sure you close the character before testing your game.
  • Fixed bug during hitbox edition: offset not being applied.
  • Fixed moves being executed on release even though they were toggled off for “on button release”.
  • Fixed being able to cross over the opponent when they are knocked down.
  • New variable added to the character: Ground collision mass. This creates a new “Body mass” hitbox that sits close to the ground. When the character gets knocked over this blocks the cross-up.
  • New variable added to move's invisible hitboxes: Ignore Body Colliders. If this is toggled on the move can ignore the body colliders and if enough force is applied, pass right through the opponent.
  • New option added for hit stun type: seconds (along side Frames and Frame Advantage).
  • Added Announcer Options. Currently supports up to 10 voice over announcements.
  • Camera options under Global Editor can now be edited at run-time.
  • New variable added to the some basic move animations: Hide Hitboxes. It allows the character to become temporarily invincible during the animation.
  • Removed Unblockable as a hit type. If you want a move to be unblockable just make sure it doesn't have a blockable area under Active Frames.
  • New basic move added: Get Hit Low. If a hit connects in a lower hit box (configurable in the character editor → Hit Box Setup), it triggers this animation group.
  • New knockdown moves added to basic moves: Get Hit High Knockdown, Get Hit High-Low Knockdown, Get Hit Sweep and Get Hit Crumple. You can set moves to trigger different forms of knockdowns as well as have different Stand Up animation for each knockdown move.
  • Knockdown options vastly improved. It now allows for you to set the amount of time the opponent stays down and how long it takes for them to get up in each of the knockdown option above. The options for quick stand and delayed stand are there, but not yet operational.
  • New basic move and hit type added: Get Hit Corkscrew.
  • The following basic moves now support up to 6 different animations: Get Hit Crouching, Get Hit High and Get Hit Low. Each animation assigned to each type of hit (Weak, Medium, Heavy, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3).
  • New variable added to combo options: Minimum Corkscrew Force. If the opponent gets hit in the air with an horizontal force higher then this value, they go into a corkscrew animation set under Basic Moves.
  • 3 new options added to the hit under Move Editor → Active Frames: Hit ground opponent, hit air opponent, hit down opponent. Tag or untag one of the options to have your move only work when the character is at a certain state.
  • Added “auto-correct” variable under Move Editor → General Options. If this is toggled on, this move will automatically correct its rotation in case it crosses the opponent over.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.

How to update your UFE build

Remember to backup your project before you proceed!
Keep a backup of your configuration files at all times!

Download new package:

  • Asset Store: Under Unity, click on Window → Asset Store. Under purchases find UFE and click “update”. After that close and reopen the project.
  • Sellfy: Use the same link that was provided when you first purchased the product to download this update. If you run out of attempts, send me a private message with the e-mail used in the purchase so I can validate it and reset the attempts.

If you prefer to manually update your files, follow these procedures:

Update (Entire Project):

  • Close Unity.
  • Under your <Project Folder>\Assets\ replace2) the files under .\UFE\, .\UFE Addons\ (if any), .\Editor Default Resources\ and .\StreamingAssets\ with the ones inside the package.

Update (Scripts Only):

  • Close Unity.
  • All versions: Under your <Project Folder>\Assets\ replace the files under the folders .\UFE\Scripts\ and .\UFE\Editor\ with the folders from the new version of UFE. If you made changes to these files, make sure you use a compare software to analyze the changes.
  • PRO and BASIC: Replace .\UFE\Plugins\UFE.dll with the one from your new version of UFE.
  • Replace .\UFE\GUI\ and .UFE\MecanimAssets\ as well.
  • Copy the folder .\StreamingAssets\ to your .\Assets\ folder folder.

Update (Global, Character and Move Templates):

  • Characters & Moves: Replace everything under .\UFE\Characters\ with the ones inside the package.
  • UFE Config: Replace .\UFE\UFE_Config.asset with its counterpart from the new version of UFE.

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2) DELETE the old folder, don't just move the new files over
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