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Training Mode

Set the options that will become active when the player selects the Training Mode option or toggles Debug Options -> Play in Training Mode.

Display Input: If toggled it will display the inputs being pressed on each side of the screen by both players.

Freeze Timer: If toggled the timer will stop running.

Player 1/2 Starting Life/Gauge: The initial value for the life bar and gauge to start from when in Training Mode.

Player 1/2 Life/Gauge: Choose how the life bar (or gauge) for each player will behave. If Normal is selected the game will end just as if it was a normal game. If Refill is selected the gauge will refill after Refill Time. If Infinite is selected the bar(s) will always stay full.

Refill Time (seconds): How long of no activity should the engine wait before refilling the bar (in case Refill is selected in any of the fields above).

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