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Upcoming Features

These are features that have been discussed or suggested over the development process and are confirmed in future updates. In their respective group, these features are ordered by priority.

Version 1.8.5 Changelog

Coming on UFE 2.x:

  • Rollback Netcode
  • Server Side Networking
  • Alternative inputs for moves
  • Diagonal input detection (full input system revision required)
  • Change Gauge Options to be usable as multiple casting frames
  • Add life bar drain feature (similar to gauge drain)
  • Add multiple gauge options
  • Add “cooldown” variable to moves
  • Add “Passive Armor” as an option on the Character Editor
  • Add system to allow for projectile limit based on screen size
  • Add “dizzy” options

Others (Major Updates):

  • 3D arena gameplay (Try out Steviebobs's Z-axis approach)
  • UFE 2D
  • UFE for Unreal Engine
  • Tag Team (up to 4 party members) and assist moves

Others (Minor Updates):

  • Add mirror on P2 side for projectile impact prefabs
  • Option to change character's texture during a move or hit
  • Option to limit casting projectiles moves while a previous one is still on screen
  • Quick Recovery
  • Delay Recovery
  • Push Block
  • More GUI Character Select options (separated package - position open)
  • More UFE coded characters (separated package - position open)

To be studied:

  • PlayMaker Support
  • UMA Support
  • Fuse Support
  • More than 2 local players

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Previous Results:

Major Updates - Season 2

Minor Updates - Season 2

Major Updates - Season 1

Minor Updates - Season 1

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